Monster Clean’s team of technicians can manage any job, from the smallest to the largest, commercial carpet cleaning Hampton Roads. Our goal is to exceed expectations on even the most challenging of jobs. Work will be done correctly and on time. Common  business types we provide commercial carpet cleaning services for include: businesses, medical facilities, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters, churches, etc. Monster Clean is the most reliable commercial carpet cleaning company in Hampton Roads.


Monster Clean is certified by the IICRC in commercial carpet cleaning Hampton Roads, and is dedicated to educating our customers on various cleaning techniques; taking pride in selecting the best treatment available for their specific cleaning need. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the “truck-mounted hot water extraction” method of cleaning over all other methods.

Truck-mounted cleaning is much faster than portable equipment, the extra heat will remove more stains and spots, and the added vacuum suction power will reduce drying times. Effective carpet cleaning requires the use of such powerful equipmentMonster clean’s process for carpet cleaning Virginia Beach, carpet cleaning Norfolk VA, and carpet cleaning Chesapeake VA is ahead of the competition. Our massive truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment is the largest and most powerful at work anywhere in the state of Virginia. Monster Clean has a proven cleaning system that ensures maximum cleaning results every time.



  1.  Pre-Inspection: Monster Clean will walk with you through your commercial property to inspect the carpet. Possible permanent stains will be noted, and you will be provided with an evaluation of expected results.
  2.  Pre-Vacuum: Dry Soil is removed with extensive vacuuming. This is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process.
  3.  Pre-Conditioning/ Pre-Spot: A pre-spray treatment is applied to traffic areas and general spots for a more thorough cleaning. The proper detergents, in the proper order, concentration, and amount will be selected. A choice solution will also be applied to trouble spots to increase removal results.
  4.  Pre-Grooming: A state of the art carpet groomer is utilized to further break up the soil. Agitation distributes detergents, working to loosen the grime.
  5.  Monster Soil Extraction and Rinse/ Neutralizer: The carpet is thoroughly rinsed with the use of hot water and a strong extraction system, flushing out all soil and detergents, leaving the carpet free from excessive wetness and sticky residue. Neutralizer is applied to also ensure that sticky residue does not remain; leaving your carpet durable yet soft.
  6.  Post-Spot/ Groom: Any remaining spots will receive extra treatment with our professional spotting solutions. Carpet fibers may benefit from a post cleaning groom to ensure that there is no fiber distortion.
  7. Monster Dry: A high velocity air circulation system is immediately put in place to promote faster and thorough drying.
  8.  Post-Cleaning Inspection: Our Monster Clean technician will walk with you throughout the space to observe the cleaning results and to ensure that you are delighted with the work.
  9. 1 Our technician will answer any questions you may have about routine maintenance, and offer A Big Monster Clean Thank You.



Monster Clean’s team of experts will help extend the life of your carpets, help maintain a healthy work environment, and aid in projecting the image of competence that your clients expect.  Monster Clean’s advanced and powerful equipment is like no other in the area. We have a proven cleaning system that will only provide maximum cleaning results.

While you may be looking for carpet cleaning services, you may also be interested in our Janitorial services. Whether you are interested in Monster Clean’s commercial cleaning services as an effective compliment to your carpet cleaning, or alone as routine care, we are dedicated to providing the most professional job in the industry. For more information regarding our cleaning services, please visit our Janitorial Services page.

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