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Water Damage Restoration Company In Virginia Beach

Water damage is a nightmare. Not only does water harm your home and belongings, but it can also cause your health to suffer too. Virginia Beach is a great place to live, but like any place, it comes with its downsides. A big one here is water. Because we’re a coastal town, we see our fair share of torrential, flooding rains, hurricanes, freeze/thaws, and general humidity. All of these things can take a toll on our property and wreak havoc on our homes.
monster clean water damage restoration service
Monster Clean specializes in cleaning and restoring all kinds of water emergencies. We have the top of the line, high tech tools and machines for every possible job. We are experts in the removal of water and restoration after a flood or other natural disaster. We can come into your home after a pipe has burst and remove the water in specific spots and then thoroughly clean and dry all other affected areas. And we also have the training and know-how to attack more subtle signs of water damage that might have silently been destroying your home for a long time.

Monster Clean is Virginia Beach’s number one water damage restoration business in Virginia Beach, and our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

We respond to water emergencies at any time of the day or night, weekday or weekend, and even holidays. Our goal is to get your home dry, clean, and back in shape.

Water Removal and Extraction

Floods, Burst Pipes, Leaks

If your home is damaged by something major like a natural disaster, flooding, leaking roof, or burst pipe, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately. This type of water removal and extraction is a big job that requires the best in the business. Monster Clean is Virginia Beach’s top water removal and extraction expert.

Water causes big problems when it enters a home. Not only will there likely be structural damage like a hole in your roof or a wall, the water itself causes damage to the walls, floors, foundation, and every other structurally important part of your house. In addition to damaging your property, the water also creates an environment that is terrible for your health. When any amount of water is not removed and is allowed to saturate your carpets and floors, it creates a perfect environment for mold growth and allows other bacteria and toxins to enter your home.

The only way to solve these problems is by immediate and thorough water removal and extraction. Our expert Monster Clean technicians arrive at your home as quickly as possible after your call. The longer water sits in your home, the worse the damage will be.

When your Monster Clean water damage restoration technicians arrive at your home, they get to work going through your home and taking out all furniture and anything else, like rugs or carpets, that could get damaged by the water. They will use all the tools at their disposal to pump, vacuum, vent, and dry up the water. The last, and possibly most important step, in the Monster Clean water removal and extraction is to dehumidify your house and any property that got wet. This keeps things clean long-term and prevents possible health hazards from cropping up, mostly because it helps to mitigate mold growth.

Long-Term Water Damage Restoration

Invisible Water Damage

Water damage isn’t always immediate and easily visible, like in the case of a flood or burst pipe. It can also be an invisible, much slower and longer-term process. This type of damage is often hidden in the walls or ceiling or under the floor, and it takes our Monster Clean water damage restoration experts Virginia Beach to find and fix the problem.

Monster Clean believes in equipping our customers with knowledge. Though we’re Virginia Beach’s number one business when it comes to water damage restoration, we strongly believe in educating the public so you can be better prepared to prevent water issues and to quickly recognize the signs of water damage.

With education in mind, we’d like to share with you some signs of water damage you’ll want to be on the lookout for. You might find yourself faced with a massive increase in your monthly water bill but know that you haven’t been taking longer showers or watering your lawn more than usual. Your wallpaper or paint might start getting a strange, bubbled appearance, or it might actually start peeling up from the walls. Your wood floors might begin to look warped and discolored. Your drywall might start feeling squishy or looking puffy. Your home might start smelling musty even after you’ve cleaned it and aired it out, and you might also notice mold growing in various spots in your home.

When you call Monster Clean to come in and work our water damage restoration magic, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best trained specialists who use the best equipment and resources at our disposal. We’ll go through every inch of your home and find all the damaged areas. Then we come up with the most effective solution to get rid of the water and get your home and belongings clean, dry, and restored.

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Merely sweeping and mopping your floors is insufficient for achieving a thorough clean. To truly restore the cleanliness of your floors, a deeper extraction of dirt is necessary. Without this extraction, you are merely addressing the surface layer while neglecting the crevices and cracks within your floor's surface. Consequently, if you limit your cleaning routine to sweeping and mopping alone, there is a significant likelihood that dirt, debris, and allergens are still residing within the hidden recesses of your floors.

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